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There are so many trends going around the world. The fashion trends are off the hook. We can see cultures merging to bring out a new style, or simply switching up an old fashion trend and making it new, call that new old school. The Hallyu wave brings us the type of fashion going on in Korea, and the rest of the world is catching on fast.

We see popular Korean idols breaking fashion stereotypes like Hwasa from Mamamoo wearing a men’s suit and still looking very stylish. We also see Park Jimin from BTS wearing a skater skirt. Lisa from BLACKPINK showed off her culture as a proud Thai woman in her music video ‘LALISA’. These are very few examples of how the fashion industry is evolving. Musical artists are beginning to use their fame to show the world that it is okay to step outside the box. 

There are many dramas where we see the stars dressing very stylish. Ko Mun-Yeong in the series ‘It’s okay not to be okay’ shows off a lot of high end dresses. Another person would be Jang Man-Wol in the series Hotel Del Luna. She actively shows off elaborate outfits that would be labeled as a fashion fantasy.

Popular celebrities with fashion statements like Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala, or Zendaya who got awarded as a fashion icon at the CDFA awards. Another person who has gone down in history for her fashion looks would be none other than Lady Gaga who set us up with look after look after look. 

Fashion is forever evolving and everyone has a style. Even a no-style is a style, so embrace your true person and show the world who you are through your style. 

Author: Laura