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We can all agree that movies are a great way to spend time. Be it alone or with friends, movies are a great source of entertainment. There are many genres that the movies are based on. These movies are a great way to see the evolution of actors, technology, and also imagination. 

For instance, we can make a movie that is constantly remade; Spider-Man. The first Spider-Man was made in 2002 and has been remade a number of times to date. The next Spider-Man is a few weeks from being released and we can all agree that the graphics, the plot, cinematography, and many other things have greatly improved. 

The Hallyu wave further exposes the Korean movie industry. We see dramas like Jumong as far back as 2006 and My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox as far back as 2010, which are still being streamed to date. The more recent dramas such as Squid game(2021) and Sweet home (2021) topped the charts on streaming sites like Netflix.

We get to see these actors evolve in front of us. Actors like Gong Yoo who has been acting since 2007 are still one of the most popular actors, starring in the recent drama ‘Squid Game’.

Other actors like Zendaya Coleman who started as a young teenage actor still stars in Hollywood to date. Currently, she stars in the popular series ‘Euphoria’.

These people encourage other aspiring actors and non-actors to follow their dreams. They send great messages on and off-screen to their fans to always do their best in everything and to chase their dreams.

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